Rider Reviews | 11th June 2018


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Metallic, Sintered or Organic, we’re not talking vegan treats we are talking brake pads!

Hot topic lately has been brakes and pads, I hear of guys smashing through a complete set of pads on one weekend worth of riding at Maydena Bike Park. Yeah its steep and if you don’t want to end up in a tree looking like a Christmas ornament you probably need to keep on top of your brake maintenance. A fresh bleed, well bedded into the rotors and of course choosing the best pad for the job is all must do if heading for some serious gravity trails.

This is a very short rundown on how to choose your pad and some tips and tricks.

Firstly we have 3 basic types of pads:


  • Very good initial bite
  • Low noise under power
  • Good modulation
  • High braking power at low speeds
  • Low purchase cost
  • Faster pad wear in muddy/wet conditions
  • Very low temp for brake fade (long descents)
  • Braking power at high speeds not great.


Semi Metallic

  • Very good initial bite
  • Low noise under power
  • Good modulation
  • High braking power at low speeds
  • High breaking power at high speeds
  • Good stability in medium/high temp (long descents)
  • Short bed in process
  • Faster wear in muddy/wet conditions
  • Can generate noise and chatter in wet conditions



  • Very predicable braking
  • High braking power at low speeds
  • High braking power at high speeds
  • Excellent wear performance in muddy conditions
  • No brake fade at high temp (long descents)
  • Poor Initial bite at low speeds
  • Can be noisy, especially with large rotors 180-203
  • Very high purchasing price


ORGANIC with steel backing pads

Great for general dry weather trail riding for XC and Trail and riders under 70kg


SEMI METALLIC with steel backing

Great for gravity riding in dry conditions


SINTERED pads with steel backing

Best for gravity riding,

Heavier riders

Riding steep wet and muddy conditions.


So in a nut shell if your burning pads it is time to suck up you need to get some SEMI METALLICS or SINSTERED pads. If you are getting rank noise and vibration with SINTERED you might have to try new rotors and bed them in properly.



I always try 7-10mins of riding on a slight grade or flat with brakes applied about 20%, this is usually enough time to get enough heat into the pad and rotor and get them to get familiar with each other and prepare for the intimate life they are about to share shredding with you.


Many World Cup mechanics have a trick to install different pads in front or rear depending on trails the athlete is riding or their braking technique, you can even try best of both worlds and have different type of pad on each side of the calliper.

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