Riders of... | 1st May 2018

Al Churchman

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Riding has now become how I process everything.

“I had a bad experience about 3 years ago. A guy jumped out in front of my car to kill himself. It affected me really badly. I couldn’t’ work for about four months. To help process it, I started riding my bike. Riding has now become how I process everything. It keeps my mind clear and stops me getting depressed. Generally, I prefer to ride on my own. I love the fresh air and the feeling that I’m doing something. There is nothing like riding around the mountain for the air and smells. It’s turned into a bit of an addiction. I ride 3-4 hours per day, not to train or anything, just for fun. Sunday, I don’t ride, but I normally ride twice on Saturday, if the weather’s good. I like riding to the cafe for a double espresso. I like that its outdoors, and it’s an easy place to come in to on a bike. And you can always find a friend. I’ve made some friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have made, and now I sometimes ride with them.” Al Churchman, Lutana

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