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Don’t need to be a mad Hyena to ride Maydena

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You don't take up yachting and sail Bass Strait on your first outing!

You don’t have to be a mad hyena to ride Maydena

I am slowly starting to see a trend towards Australia’s Premier Gravity MTB Park Maydena. People are saying it’s too dangerous and too steep… so much so that I am seeing middle age guys opting out of the sport after their experience at the park and choosing something far less RAD!

In reality it’s no different from skiing, snowboarding, sailing or bushwalking. You don’t turn up to Aspen and head straight for the double black diamond runs. Men’s egos are getting in the way of them experiencing the raddness of the coolest sport on the planet. They are spending up big on awesome trail and DH rigs –  even though the last time they rode a bike was when they had to go to the store to buy a bottle of milk and a bag of mixed lollies for 20c. Then they head straight to Maydena and hit the most uber black trails with their far more experienced mates. It’s like taking up sailing and trying to cross Bass Strait for your first outing. Or going skydiving on your own without taking any lessons or doing a few tandem jumps first. You just don’t do it. It’s common sense.

Gravity riding is no different from any other adventure sport when it comes to being in control. Knowing when to brake, when to accelerate, what’s too fast, what’s too slow, how to wash off speed without grabbing a handful of front brake, how to rail the hell out of a vertical burm and nail the exit to align yourself for the next corner or jump, or to avoid an obstacle are learned skills. And these skills only come with experience and training.

Tasmania is a mecca for mountain biking – the island has a plethora of trails to learn on. No matter where you are in the state, you are always a short commute, or even ride, to some amazing trails. Personally, I am building myself up to get amongst the premier gravity park in Australia. I want to hit it with some level of skill, so I can appreciate it. I have been so busy trying to be a corporate wanker for too many years that my downhill skills aren’t where they use to be. There is no reason why I can’t hone my skills at the park but time management, running the McVilly café, bike shop and tour company makes things difficult, so I have been escaping in the arvo’s and hitting the Meehan range’s. The little jump section is great to get the air legs back and the awesome pump track that Josh Johnston from Dirt Art built is fun to hone my skills.

Maydena has a great selection of trails from Green to Black. And we don’t have anything like Maydena anywhere else in Australia. She’s a beautiful beast of raddness. But, in my view, you need to treat her with some respect and in return she will give you the ride of your life.

Anyone can get out and ride, you don’t need to be some kind of mad hyena to ride Maydena, all you need is your wits, to be in control of your own abilities and experience. Learn your craft. Mt Biking is RAD! No cars, deep in the Tassie wilderness, wind whooshing past you, eyes glued to the trail ahead and only stopping to take in the majestical views. Life is simply better on two wheels.

Check out the Maydena Bike Park website for more information about your next Rad weekend!


… Oh and one final note… just because it’s winter and the trails are a bit damp doesn’t mean you can’t still rip it up …. is there a better way to stay warm that doesn’t involve a rug and a loved one?

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