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Bossman Jackson

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Brother knew I was about berms not waves

Bossman Jackson is a bmx shredding machine who grew up in Tasmania’s south in Fern Tree. Along with his Clown Bikes mates, he rode, grinded and jumped every handrail, ledge, half-pipe, stair-gap and wall ride that Hobart had to offer. “My first real bike was brought for me by my brother when he realised I wasn’t going to be a surfer. It was a Diamond Back loop tail and I loved it! It launched me into the world of Freestyle BMX, and as with the Mt Bikes I ride today, when you’re trying hard to complete tricks and stunts that are on the edge of your ability you break things. One of my first real jobs was working in Ken Self Cycles so I could pay off my BMX parts!

Damon exchanged 20in wheels for the Mountain Bike variety in 2010 and nowadays you can see his bmx street riding roots; railing berms, sending gaps and choosing ridiculous lines on trails all across Australia. The Bike mechanic hung up his tools to become an architectural designer, and although the art of bombing ridiculously rad lines is a far cry from his professional role, he still draws off his riding background in his everyday life. “Never give up. Doesn’t matter how many times you slam or fail, you keep going and get it done.”

Damon approached the McVilly Velo team early in 2018 and said he’d be happy to share some of his mechanical wisdom and we jumped at the chance. Known for calling a spade a spade both professionally and  in social settings, this four-part tech series on all things mountain bike is sure to be a great read. Part 1 launches on tomorrow – Bossman’s Tech Tuesday – Enjoy.

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