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Borys Zagrocki

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When I’m on a bike, the way I see the world changes.

When I’m on a bike, the way I see the world changes. It’s like the Matrix – I look around and everywhere I see lines. Any structure, a handrail, stairs, boulders, a cliff wall, is a potential platform to conquer on two wheels – or one.

I look for anything that’s strong enough or safe enough to jump on that won’t cause any damage to property, people around me, or me! It’s addictive.  And I love seeing people’s reactions when I do tricks on a bike – it’s cool having this skill that is pretty unique.

I learnt how to ride when I was 12, on my Dad’s old vintage bike. The wheels were almost taller than me. I quickly started doing jumps and hops, then got my first mountain bike about a year after that, and started doing bigger rides and cross country races. That’s when I came across trials riders and thought it looked cool. The way they jumped from obstacle to obstacle with absolute precision, in total control. I picked it up quickly, and ever since my first competition I thought I could take it somewhere, so I got serious about it. I won the Australian MTB and Trials National Championship title in 2010 and 2012 – they’re my favourite cycling memories. And now I do shows all around the country.

I have five bikes, including three Echo trials bikes – they’re a cross between a free ride MTB and a BMX. I also enjoy MTB riding and just cruising on the roadie.

I’m also the McVilly Café and Cycles mechanic in residence! I really enjoy being able to work in the fresh air and having direct contact with customers, plus having a good work vibe – it’s not just a bike shop, there’s more to it.

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